Becky is the Brunning half of comic duo "Brunning & Markwick" who featured on BBC Speech Bubble in 2015. Their first show "Six Steps to Joy" premiered at Edinburgh Festival 2014 and has received Arts Council funding for further development and performance in 2015/16.


Six Steps to Joy

Life is hard. A grind. A rat race. And the rats are tired. Uninspired. Heck, they’re not even competitive anymore. War. Global warming. Poverty. Normal milk in your chai latte when you specifically specified soy. The world can get you down… But don’t despair! Help is here.

Join 2013 Funny Women finalist Becky Brunning and writer-performer Katharine Markwick on a journey to joy where fact, fiction and funniness fuse to form an up-lifting, heart-warming, life-affirming jet-pack for the soul.